S-Corp or LLC: Making the Right Choice

Are you getting all the tax savings you can? An S-Corp might save you money. I-Taxplan's experts will look at your taxes and find out if an S-Corp is right for you. Don't miss out on savings!

S-Corp vs. LLC

Optimize Your Tax Benefits with S-Corp.

I-Taxplan understands the ins and outs of S-Corps. From setting the right salary to making the most of tax laws, we manage it all. Let's set up your S-Corp right and keep more money in your business.

Maximize Your Savings with S-Corp

Explore the Benefits of an S-Corp Entity Structure.

Choosing an S-Corp can lead to significant tax savings and smarter growth. With I-Taxplan, you gain expert guidance to leverage S-Corp advantages effectively.

Tax Efficiency

Lower tax rates and potential savings on self-employment taxes are key perks of an S-Corp. I-Taxplan helps you strategize to keep more of your earnings.

Business Credibility

An S-Corp elevates your business profile, providing credibility with banks, vendors, and clients. Partner with I-Taxplan to enhance your market reputation.

Discover S-Corp Advantages with I-Taxplan.

Transform Your Tax Strategy with
S-Corp Benefits.

I-Taxplan specializes in transitioning businesses to S-Corp status, opening up tax savings and growth potential. We ensure you leverage all benefits, from reduced taxes to increased credibility, turning the complex S-Corp election process into a strategic advantage for your success.

Pay Only
Your Fair Share.

Embrace fairness in taxation.
I-Tax Plan ensures S-Corp advantages work in your favor, so you retain more profits and enjoy lower tax rates.

Smart Planning for Business Growth.

Strategize with precision.
Transitioning to an S-Corp under I-Tax Plan's guidance means planning smarter for your business's expansion and prosperity.

Every Tax
Break Used.

Capitalize on every opportunity.
I-Tax Plan's S-Corp strategies seek out all possible tax efficiencies, from income splitting to reduced self-employment taxes.

S-Corp Case Study: 
$100,000 Net Profit


Net Profits

($50,000 S-Corp Salary)

Social Security Taxes


Medicare Taxes


Total SE Taxes Due


Annual SE Tax Savings



Got queries on choosing between S-Corp and LLC? Browse our FAQs for clarity on which business structure best aligns with your tax strategy and goals.

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